Personalized Bracelet

Written by Sarah Provost
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A personalized bracelet makes a thoughtful gift, appropriate for any age and gender. An ID-style bracelet, for instance, consisting of a chain and an engraved plaque, looks rugged and handsome on a man's wrist in silver, with chunky links and block letters. Scale it down to one-tenth the size, with a gold chain fine as cobweb and script spelling out her name, and it looks adorable on a baby girl.

There are many ways to create a personalized bracelet. Fortunately, online shopping makes it easy to see all the styles available and to compare prices. You can choose a standard style such as an ID bracelet, spell out a name in beads and crystals, or engrave a name on a solid bangle.

Charms Make a Personalized Bracelet

A name isn't the only way to make a personalized bracelet. By choosing charms that express the personality or interests of the recipient, you can create a special gift that shows your thoughtfulness. If your best friend is an avid seamstress, wouldn't she like a charm bracelet with, say, a thimble, a pair of scissors, a spool of thread and her initial or birthstone?

Speaking of birthstones, they too are a wonderful way to personalize jewelry. A single charm of a teenager's zodiac sign embellished with her birthstone would be a great gift. And don't forget the chaste elegance of a gold cuff bracelet engraved with a monogram, for a man or a woman. Online shopping makes it easy to find exactly what you want, and the recipients will appreciate knowing you searched out something special just for them.

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