Personalized Mother's Rings

Written by Kimberly Clark
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Most mothers would gladly tell you that their children are their pride and joy. And if prodded, they would also willingly tell you the names of their children, their dates of birth, and any other information they consider pertinent. These emotions and conversations were probably the catalyst that spurred the conception of the trendy mother's ring.

Mothers' rings usually consist of fancy gold bands that have been embellished with jewels. Normally there is one gemstone for every child the mother receiving the ring has. In general, the gems selected correspond to the birthstone of each child.

Personalized mothers' rings take this concept one step further. These rings not only have the children's birthstones mounted on them, they also have some personal information about each child inscribed on them. Not surprisingly, the most popular thing to have engraved on a personalized mother's ring is the child's name.

Ways to Personalize Mothers' Rings

Other things that people like to inscribe into a personalized mother's ring include the child's date of birth and how much he or she weighed. Some individuals put the child's zodiac sign on the ring. Still others might want to place the child's sports number or nickname on the ring.

The majority of people who purchase personalized mothers' rings still want the birthstones included. They just decide to add the engravings for a more customized look. However, it is true that more and more people are forgoing the gemstones altogether, opting instead to only place personal inscriptions on or inside of the ring. It really depends on the tastes of the mother the ring is intended for.

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