Platinum Wedding Bands

Written by Kimberly Clark
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An engagement ring and/or a wedding band are probably the two most important pieces of jewelry that you will ever buy (or receive!). It's a purchase you obviously want to get right. Plus, you are probably hoping that the ring that you ultimately decide to buy will last an entire lifetime. The durability of the ring should match the strength of your love.

Now that we have established that what you really want in a ring is something that will be perceived as special, but also strong and durable, let's consider the available options. The most popular material choices for wedding bands are traditionally gold and silver. However, the public has in recent years shown a real preference for platinum.

Gold is pretty much considered the standard for wedding bands, so a ring made out of this material couldn't possibly be regarded as unique. This is one of the primary reasons that a large number of people have decided to buy silver engagement rings and wedding bands instead. However, since silver is considerably cheaper than gold, this purchase might not be considered special either.

Platinum's Lasting Impression

That leaves us with platinum, which was once considered the only metal worthy of the royals. It is estimated that it takes about five months to mine ten tons of ore to produce just one ounce of platinum. This makes platinum much rarer than gold.

On average, the global annual yield of platinum is only 160 tons, whereas the worldwide yield of gold each year is around 1,500 tons. As a result, jewelry made out of platinum costs about three times as much as similar pieces made out of gold. However, any wedding band made out of this spectacular material is sure to make a lasting impression that the recipient won't soon forget.

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