Rare Ammolite

Written by Kevin Little
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Rare Ammolite is just about the only kind you're going to find--if you find it at all. Since Ammolite is a fossil, and since it is mined only in Alberta, Canada, it is considered to be up there with the world's rarest gems. So what is the enterprising Ammolite-seeker to do?

Well, to begin with, you'll need to get your research done. While Ammolite is indeed hard to locate, not all pieces of this stone are worth having. Ammolites are graded similarly to opals, and the loftiest grade is that of AA Ammolite. Make sure you know the grade of the Ammolite your browsing; a AA version will show off up to three colors in combination and distinction.

Rare Ammolite on the Web

Given the rarity of Ammolite stones, you're not necessarily going to find a good piece (never mind any piece) at the local jewelry store. The internet can certainly be a great aid to this process. One the Web, you can access distributors that will greatly increase your selection options.

Of course, it pays to be careful when looking for jewelry on the internet. Make sure you're dealing with an online jeweler that really knows its Ammolite, preferable one that specializes solely in rare Ammolite products. Look also for other useful amenities, such as a satisfaction guarantee and free shipping.

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