Right Hand Diamond Rings

Written by Kimberly Clark
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Most women anxiously dream of the day when their Prince Charming will come into their lives. Many secretly wish for someone who will sweep them off their feet. Romantic women hope that one day he will present them with a beautiful engagement ring, which they will gracefully accept and proudly place on the fourth finger of their left hand.

However, for a large number of women, that day doesn't come soon enough! As a result, a lot of women are simply deciding to take matters into their own hands and purchase their own rings. With these women in mind, the industry devised the concept of the right hand diamond ring.

The Power of a Woman

As its name indicates, the right hand diamond ring was designed to wear on the right hand. In contrast to the engagement or wedding ring, which symbolizes a woman's allegiance to a man, the right hand ring showcases a woman's independence. By wearing a right hand ring, the woman is signifying to the world her ability to provide for herself.

Right hand rings have been specially shaped to fit the alignment of the fingers on the right hand. Make no mistake about it; they are not simply traditional rings that have been relocated, by the wearer, to the right hand. Of course, beyond a perfect fit, right hand diamond rings are all about making a statement about the power of a woman. Often, the designs of right hand rings are far more intricate than those of traditional diamond wedding bands. Jewelers are creating some exciting and gorgeous designs for empowered women everywhere.

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