Right Hand Rings

Written by Kimberly Clark
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In the summer of 2003, the jewelry industry came out with the innovative idea of right hand rings. Essentially, women in the prime of their lives--who can afford to buy the finer things in life, of course--are the target market for this product. These rings were created for women who refuse to wait around for a man to buy them a special piece of jewelry.

In an effort to distinguish these rings from other rings that have merely been placed on the right hand, the general design of the right hand ring flows in a vertical direction. Since diamonds are purported to be a girl's best friend, designers of right hand rings would be remiss if they didn't embellish the trinkets with lots of the popular jewels. Of course, as the trend has caught on, more and more jewelers are offering right hand rings with other gems mounted in them, such as emeralds, rubies, or blue topaz.

Independent Jewelry Purchases

No doubt, the primary reason for the introduction of the right hand ring on the market was to encourage more independent jewelry purchases within the largest consumer group. In addition to the purchases made by women, it is expected that the right hand ring will spur additional ring purchases by men. Naturally guys will give them as gifts to their significant others, but some will buy the rings for those women they really like, but to whom they are not fully ready to make a lasting commitment.

Regardless of the reason you buy or receive a right hand ring, the message the wearer is sending to the world is loud and clear. It is a reminder to everyone that women are strong, independent and successful creatures. They are a savvy group of people that the marketplace simply cannot afford to ignore.

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