Roberto Coin Jewelry

Written by Serena Berger
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Roberto Coin jewelry is bold, artful Italian jewelry at its best. Roberto Coin's pieces are elegant, but just a little bit playful, too. Pieces from the Chic and Shine collection, for example, are dramatic and feature unexpected touches like rose enamel hearts, or the flattened oblong gold links which are the signature elements of the collection.

Many women love the Classica Parisienne collection, which features some of the simplest yet most striking Roberto Coin jewelry. Much of the line is set in rarely-used rose gold, which looks similar to yellow gold, but has a warmer tone and deeper luster. All of this line is set with sparkling brilliant cut diamonds which accent the pieces as if they were accidentally caught in the metal by some amazingly artful chance.

Exotic and Mysterious Roberto Coin Jewelry

The Cobra collection offers some of the most exotic and unique Roberto Coin jewelry. Inspired by the intricacy of snakeskin and the variations and textures of scales as they ripple and move, this collection offers rings, bracelets, and most dramatically, necklaces, which echo the mysterious and alluring qualities of snakeskin. The Cobra necklace in rose and white gold with black enamel and diamonds is the kind of piece that will turn every eye in the room if you walk in with it as the sole adornment worn with a strapless gown.

The Fantasia collection is another of Roberto Coin's most impressive lines. Tiny diamonds and rubies glint among landscapes of black sapphires in these mysterious and sensual pieces. The bangles, in particular, are stunning because the pattern really has the space to develop, and the diamonds look like stars against a night sky.

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