Rose Gold Chains

Written by Kimberly Clark
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Are you totally in love with the color pink? Well if you are, don't worry, because you certainly aren't alone. The color of pink is the latest fashion craze and wearing any and everything in this tone makes a major statement about the wearer.

Fortunately for the fashion conscious, pink is showing up in our clothes, our shoes, and even in our jewelry. No doubt you are familiar with the enormous pink diamond ring that actor Ben Affleck bestowed on actress/dancer/singer Jennifer Lopez when he asked her to marry him prior to their 2003 split. What you might not be aware of is the fact that pink jewelry is not limited to gemstones.

That's right, you can now have a hint of the hue added to your gold chains. However there is no need to worry about allergic reactions, because these chains have just as much gold in them as their yellow or silvery counterparts. Gold chains that have had a touch of pink added to them are generally referred to as rose gold chains.

A Touch of Copper

Pretty much every shade of gold that is sold by jewelry stores has been mixed with additional metals, such as nickel, silver or zinc. This is done to achieve the desirable color, texture, or strength. Rose gold is no exception and is typically mixed with a touch of the metal copper to get its light reddish tone. It provides a lovely alternative to the traditional gold chain and looks fabulous against many skin tones that yellow gold does not flatter.

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