Rose Gold Wedding Bands

Written by Kimberly Clark
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Wedding bands can be an extravagant purchase that can put a major strain on your pocketbook. In effort to cut costs, some people opt for wedding bands with less expensive or synthetic jewels mounted on them. Still others prefer the simplicity of a finely crafted band that has no gems on it at all.

For years, the people in the latter category were resigned to picking the widely available yellow gold wedding band, because they felt it was their only option. Of course, some people splurged and decided to purchase a costlier yet more durable platinum band. The penny pinchers turned to silver, which despite its cheap price tag, is the flashiest and shiniest of the three metals.

Even with all the other options that the public has available to it, gold has remained the standard for crafting wedding bands. However, now shoppers have more choices as to what color of gold they want to have their rings crafted out of. The majority of people are familiar with the classic yellow gold and a great number can even identify white gold, which closely resembles platinum.

Two More Shades of Gold

Most people are not familiar with the other two shades of gold. One of these shades is known as rose gold. This is a metal that has a pinkish hue, and which looks amazing when fashioned into a wedding band. The color in rose gold wedding bands is derived from the copper that has been mixed in with the gold.

Green gold is another shade of gold that has a hint of color added to it. This type of gold contains a very subtle shade of green that causes it to look almost identical to the basic yellow gold. This mixture of gold is derived from yellow gold that has been mixed with pure silver.

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