Ruby Earrings

Written by Serena Berger
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Perhaps the perfect way to please a woman you love is with a pair of ruby earrings. The versatility of rubies, the possible colors and cuts and the myriad of settings will allow you to find the perfect style for your wife, daughter, or girlfriend. Here are a few things you should keep in mind when trying to find the ruby earrings she will adore.

First, know that you have excellent taste. Rubies have long been considered one of the most beautiful and precious gems, and a high-quality ruby will be worth even more than a diamond of comparable size. While the saying may go that the price of wisdom is beyond rubies, that does not detract from their value and

Settings for Ruby Earrings

You will often find rubies surrounded by smaller diamonds, for a particularly regal and elegant effect. Ruby earrings might be set in any color of gold--yellow or white--or in platinum. They can also be cut like most diamonds--brilliant cut, marquis cut, oval cut, and emerald cut, for example.

Rubies are the official birthstone for July, but of course they may be enjoyed by someone born in any month. Whether you opt for a delicate setting or a much more dramatic stone, a ruby will bring with it a tradition of association with love romance, freedom, charity, and passion. You're just a few clicks away from finding the ruby earrings that will delight the woman who makes you happy.

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