Scott Kay Jewelry

Written by Serena Berger
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Scott Kay jewelry is a reflection of the commitment of one of jewelry's most prominent designers to elegance and quality. Scott Kay was one of the first designers to use platinum when it became a viable metal for commercial and luxury use. The government had banned it through the end of WWII because it was such a rare substance needed by the military and science, but when it became available, Scott Kay began designing some of the most classic and exquisite jewelry on the market with this precious metal.

In fact, Scott Kay jewelry for engagements and weddings is some of the most requested in the world today. Scott Kay offers engagement rings and sets in all of the most popular styles. You can select from solitaires, channel sets, prong sets, and baguettes (among others) if you are looking at Scott Kay jewelry.

Classic Scott Kay Jewelry for Weddings and Engagements

The solitaire remains the engagement classic, and Scott Kay uses only the highest quality diamonds in his solitaires. The cuts vary as widely as personal taste, from square cut to brilliant, emerald to marquis. You can also select a wedding band to match your solitaire perfectly, in both the design of the band and the metal used. If you're going with this elegant option, simplicity is key, but that makes the perfection of the metal and the stone itself even more important.

Though the classic solitaire remains one of the most requested engagement ring designs, Scott Kay offers a number of striking possibilities if you want to express your personal style a bit more with your wedding jewelry. The platinum-set baguettes, in particular, are dramatic and impressive pieces. Scott Kay jewelry is available through a number of the most prominent retailers all around the world, so you can browse online and then go see the pieces that most impressed you in a showroom relatively near you.

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