Seven Color Prosperity Stone

Written by Kevin Little
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The Seven Color Prosperity Stone is an important part of the practice of Feng Shui. Feng Shui gives high regard to different colors and their powers to balance and improve a person or a space. Thanks to the colors found in Seven Color Prosperity Stones, such stones are highly valued indeed.

These stones also go by another name: Ammolite stones. These stones are actually fossilized remains of the shells of a creature called the Ammonite that once roamed the seas. Thankfully, time has seen fit to preserve the incredible colors found in each of these shells now that they are stones.

Seven Color Prosperity Stone: Characteristics

The seven colors in the Ammolite each support different parts of the being, such as mental capacity, energy, and financial prosperity. According to Feng Shui, these stones are powerful both when worn and when placed around the living or working area. The seven colors promote overall balance while at the same time highlighting different elements.

Another important Feng Shui fact regarding Ammolite gems is the age of the gems. Since these gems are over seventy million years of age, they have seen a lot. Feng Shui practitioners feel that this age is important, as it signifies the gathering of energies over an incredibly long period of time.

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