Silver Jewelry

Written by Serena Berger
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Silver jewelry seems to have an identity separate from other kinds of jewelry. People often go to areas of the world famous for silver jewelry specifically with the intention of finding pieces which reflect the style of the region in its more popular precious metal. Mexico, Egypt, the South-West United States, Arabian Nations, and Brazil are just a few of the counties and regions known for the silver.

Often, silver jewelry comes in designs you won't find in other metals. Silver rings are one of the most popular
forms of jewelry in the world because they are among the most affordable pieces, but are offered with the greatest variety in styles. There are Celtic designs, semi-precious stone settings, skulls, flowers, puzzle rings, wedding bands, and so many others it would be impossible to mention a small fraction of them.

Silver Jewelry Is Classy but Affordable

Often the perfect gift for a friend or small treat for yourself, silver jewelry can be beautiful and thoughtful without emptying your wallet. Besides the popular rings, there are beautiful, intricately worked necklaces and bracelets with all variety of ethnic influences, and many kind of more exotic body jewelry. Because silver is so workable, some of the most fun and exotic pieces you can find will be made of silver.

In addition, a number of beautiful semi-precious stones are often sent in silver jewelry which you will not find elsewhere are they are not rare or expensive enough to be set in most costly metals. This does not mean, however, that they lack beauty and appeal. Turquoise, garnet, onyx, and even flawed precious stones like amethysts are often set exquisitely in silver.

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