Tag Heuer Watches

Written by Serena Berger
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Tag Heuer watches are known primarily for high performance criteria and uncompromising aesthetics. Since the company was founded in 1860, the passion for sports timing instruments of its first designer, Edouard Heuer, has informed the designs of many of the product lines. Today, Tag Heuer has a close association with the Olympics and Grand Priz auto races, among other major sporting events, where precise timing to the thousandth of a second is required.

Innovative and Sporty Tag Heuer Watches

The relationship with sports is evident in many of the Tag Heuer watches available for personal purchase. While there are some lovely lines, like the Alter Ego line for women, it is the men's watches which are most instantly recognizable as Tag Heuer creations. The new F1 Microtimer is one of the most exciting watches on the market today--simple, aggressive, and masculine, it will not be to everyone's taste, but it is an elegant and dramatic personal timepiece that stands alone in its niche.

Many watches claim to be water resistant, but as another outgrowth of their involvement in sporting events, Tag Heuer watches set an industry standard in this regard. The fine-brushed steel of the Autavia, for example, looks at thought it would be equally at home on a professor in front of the classroom and a sportsman on his sailboat. The stainless steel Formula One gentleman's watch is one of the more affordable watches by Tag Heuer, and is both attractive and utilitarian.

Many watches by Tag Heuer feature sapphire crystals. Sapphire crystals are the best and most durable material available for watch crystals on the market today. The only thing capable of scratching a sapphire crystal is a diamond, so this virtually indestructible watch crystal is another aspect which makes Tag Heuer's watches ideal for the most active people.

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