Tennis Bracelets

Written by Serena Berger
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Tennis bracelets, also known as line bracelets, are thin, flexible bracelets that feature a symmetrical pattern of diamonds or other stones. They are called tennis bracelets only since the 1980s, when tennis star Chris Evert was wearing one while she played in the U.S. Open and the match was halted because her bracelet fell off during the game. With that moment of notoriety, many women became aware of the line bracelet and wanted one of their own.

Unlike charm bracelets, tennis bracelets lack pendants or mementos. They are simple, single strands with no adornment other than their setting and the stones themselves. While tennis bracelets are predominantly made with diamonds, the style can be replicated with any stone, including cubic zirconia, which make very popular tennis bracelets.

The Attributes of Tennis Bracelets

S-Bar, straight bar, and princess cut are the three most popular designs of tennis bracelets. Those are the classics which you will be likely to find at any jeweler. You may also be able to find bracelets which are called tennis bracelets though they have more elaborate settings. For example, some jewelers offer bracelets which are a strand of identical gold flowers set with diamonds or other stones in the center, and call these tennis bracelets.

You can also buy tennis earrings that match tennis bracelets if you prefer a stylish, coordinated look. Often these will just be stud earrings with stones of the same color and cut as the stones in the bracelet, but they may also be drop earrings. You're just a few clicks away from find the tennis bracelets you've been looking for.

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