Triplet Stone Jewelry

Written by Kevin Little
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Triplet stone jewelry is among the the most sought-after and unique jewelry that you can imagine. We're not talking about three stones here--we're talking about stones that display three clear, brilliant colors in sharp relief. Such a piece won't soon be forgotten, either by you or by anyone else who sees it.

Of course, there aren't a whole lot of stones out there that have the potential to naturally display three colors at once. Heck, most stones have enough trouble with one! Yet there is such a Hydra-like stone out there, just waiting to be found.

Triplet Stone Jewelry: Ammolite Options

Ammolite gems are one of nature's gifts, made to spruce up our sometimes gray existence. Ammolite stones can include as many as seven different colors in combination! Really good examples of this stone focus on three of those colors in all their brilliant glory.

Triplet stone jewelry made with Ammolites are all natural, the colors placed by the wonder of nature. An Ammolite Triplet Stone is one that has been covered with a synthetic spinel crystal to protect it. Spinel is a very hard gemstone having a hardness of 8.5. For comparison, a diamond has a hardness of 10 and pearls have a hardness of 2.5. Opals have a hardness of 6, but because they contain water they have a tendency to crack! Ammolite contains no water, so it will not crack. Without the spinel, the Natural Ammolite has a hardness of 4.5. These fossils are excavated only in Alberta, Canada, making for a short supply of these glowing treasures. After all, nature can't spend all her time just making gems!

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