Tungsten Carbide Rings

Written by Christa Gatewood
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Tungsten is one of the newest metals to be used in fine jewelry. It is a deep gray color and is extremely hard. It is harder than both platinum and gold. If you are looking for a classy ring that is also unique and durable, a tungsten ring is the perfect choice.

The tungsten in tungsten carbide rings has been specially treated in a process called carburisation. In this process, the tungsten is converted into a metal alloy, tungsten carbide, using pure carbon powder. The metal alloy is harder and more rigid. In fact, tungsten carbide is actually the hardest metal alloy in the world, and it is four times harder than titanium. Tungsten carbide is so hard that is has to be cut and polished using diamond tools.

Once a tungsten carbide ring is polished, the sheen will never dull. It will last a lifetime. Other metals, like gold and platinum, need to be cleaned and polished frequently, but that is not true for tungsten. Moreover, tungsten rings are scratch resistant unlike the previously mentioned softer metals. They require very little upkeep and cleaning.

Buying Tungsten Carbide Rings

When you buy a tungsten carbide ring, you should be aware of one thing. Tungsten cannot be sized by an ordinary jeweler because it is too hard. Therefore, you must buy an accurate size from the beginning. Look to the vendor for tips on how to choose the correct size. In addition, most good tungsten dealers will have a lifetime fit policy. This policy allows you to exchange the ring in the future should you gain or lose weight. This can come in handy!

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