Two Tone Wedding Bands

Written by Kimberly Clark
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Silver or gold, which one suits your taste the best? Better still, which one would you prefer your wedding band to be made out of? This use to be a major quandary facing many husbands and brides to be, but nowadays, they don't have to choose. Why is that? Well, instead of running from the issue, jewelers are deciding to face the matter head-on. Thus, they are increasingly offering to their clientele a large selection of two tone wedding bands.

The traditional wedding band is made out of 14K gold. In an effort to be unique or thrifty, some individuals opt for bands crafted out of silver. Still others prefer rings fashioned out of the more extravagant platinum.

Mixtures of Gold: The Latest Trend in Wedding Bands

Now all these elements can be combined to form one superbly designed ring. Of course, there are those who really would like to stick with the traditional gold material, but who just want a little variation on the standard color. Fortunately for these people, gold comes in a variety of shades.

The most common color of gold is "yellow gold," which is a mixture of pure gold, copper and silver. With the increasing popularity of silver and platinum, "white gold" seems also to be in heavy demand. To create white gold, manufacturers mix gold, zinc, silver, and nickel or palladium together.

With the insurgence of pink on the fashion scene, rings made out of "pink gold" are very hot. Pink gold (also known as red gold or rose gold) is formulated by mixing copper in with the gold. All these different tones of gold work brilliantly together when a couple of them are mixed together to form two toned wedding bands that the bride and groom will be proud to show off.

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