Unique Custom Jewelry

Written by Kevin Little
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Unique custom jewelry is sure to give your wardrobe a boost. Of course, with so many jewelry options out there, it can be extremely difficult to sort out the piece for you. Harder still is finding jewelry that looks different from everything else out there.

In the muddled world of mass-produced jewelry, the best idea is to find a great stone and have it made to order with the setting of your choice. Sounds more like common sense than a solution, right? Well, in many ways, the process is just that easy.

Unique Custom Jewelry: Two Easy Steps

The first part of this "incredibly complex" process is to find a great stone. Ammolite stones have become very popular due to their prehistoric nature and the wonderful range of colors found in each stone. Each good stone I should say; Ammolite is graded like the opal, and the highest grade is AA Ammolite.

The next part is the setting. If you're looking for unique custom jewelry, make sure to find a jeweler that only makes its pieces to order, as opposed to one that has a whole bunch of each design lying around in a warehouse. That way, you can ensure the proper attention to detail when it comes to crafting your piece.

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