Unique Engagement Rings

Written by Kimberly Clark
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Who said that an engagement ring has to be a diamond ring? This is a major myth that has caused many of couples needless worry and unnecessary debt. Well you can relax, because there is no rule of wedding etiquette that states that the ring has to include a diamond--or any gemstone for that matter.

Getting Creative with Your Engagement Ring

Now that you are free to explore your other options, what alternatives are available to the traditional engagement ring? Rings can include two-tone elements of gold and platinum and incorporate exotic shapes. Or, for an option that is unique yet traditional in its aesthetic appeal, you might want to look for wide bands (nine to 11mm) that incorporate diamonds or scrolling--platinum usually works best for this type of design.

Or, since a marriage is considered by many to be the start of a new life, what better way to commemorate the occasion than by selecting a unique engagement ring that has the bride's birthstone set into it? Birthstones are used to signify the month of the year the person was born in, but a person's favorite gemstone is another option as well. Some designs will incorporate diamonds and birthstones in one beautiful band.

For the most part, there are twelve different birthstones, one for every month of the year. Jewelers typically offer birthstones in their pure gemstone form or in one of the less expensive simulated versions. However, some months have alternative stones that are totally different from the traditional one. Quality jewelers will always be willing to work with you to customize your own unique creation.

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