Unique Fashion Jewelry

Written by Kevin Little
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Unique fashion jewelry never does go out of fashion. If you're looking for a truly lasting piece, one that won't go in and out style depending on the whims of the day, make sure you look into Ammolite jewelry. Ammolite stones have been around as long, it seems, as time itself--a good indicator of its staying power!

Ammolites are so old, they're fossils--literally! The stones come from the shells of the Ammonite, which cruised the seas millions of years ago. The Ammonite may be gone, but the shells--now stones--remain, and have aged well to say the least.

Unique Fashion Jewelry, Unique Gems

The gems exhibit startlingly intricate color patterns, based around seven possible colors. These colors appear in patches or stripes, and seem to change color when the stone is tilted this way and that. Quality pieces will emphasize up to three colors in distinct areas, making for a wonderful viewing experience.

Of course, unique fashion jewelry requires a unique commitment to excellence on the part of those crafting the jewelry. With such a wonderful gemstone, you'll want the surrounding setting to be well made. It may not outlast the Ammolite--what can, really?--but it should certainly make a go of it!

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