Unique Jewelry Stones

Written by Kevin Little
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Unique jewelry stones just don't get much more unique than the Ammolite! After all, how many gemstones can claim a place in Eastern myth, Feng Shui, and the biological history of the Earth? If you can think of another, be sure to let me know, 'cuz I sure can't.

All of the fuss over Ammolites started way back before anyone was writing anything down. In the primordial soup that was the sea, the Ammonite roamed around in its fantastic shell. These shells were eventually discarded and came to rest in the ocean, where they began the fossilization process.

Unique Jewelry Stones: East and West

Eventually, these shells were found in fossilized form in Alberta, Canada, and it was discovered that these unique jewelry stones meshed very well with two different Eastern belief systems. First of all, the colors in the stones strikingly resembled the colors of the scales of the mythical Kirin. Thus Ammonites became known also as Kirin Stones.

The colors of the stone are also compatible with the gemstone color scheme of Feng Shui. In Feng Shui, stones of different colors bring balance to different parts of life. Containing seven colors, Ammolites have become a highly regarded part of Feng Shui, dubbed the Seven Color Prosperity Stone.

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