Valentine Hearts

Written by Serena Berger
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What better way to celebrate Valentine's Day than with Valentine hearts? Many women who have rings to celebrate their engagement, wedding or anniversary would also like a different piece of jewelry that they can wear. Not only is this a lovely gift to receive from one's husband, it can also be the perfect option for a child to get for his or her mother.

Design of Valentine Hearts

Typically, valentine hearts will be made with diamonds, rubies, or a combination of the two. These are generally considered the most "romantic" stones, as diamonds are so brilliant and classic and rubies have the deep red color of love and passion. The stones can be set in a number of ways, though, which can result in valentine hearts of many unique styles.

Some valentine hearts consist of a border of small gems in a heart shape. Others are a solid silver or gold heart accented with gem stones. Some hearts are called floating hearts, which means the heart itself is the outline of the heart and the chain goes through the hollow center, as opposed to the heart being hung like a charm from the chain.

Hearts are the traditional symbol of love, so a valentine heart is the perfect gift on the holiday meant to celebrate love. Valentine hearts are not just a gift from husband or boyfriend, though - they can be lovely gifts from parent to child or vice versa. Look around the internet for design ideas

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