Wedding Rings

Written by Serena Berger
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In many traditions, the exchange of wedding rings symbolizes the finalizing of the wedding vows. The perfect circle of the wedding ring represents the eternal joining of two people, and is also a symbol to the world that you belong to (or, in a more modern sense - with) someone. Incidentally, people wear wedding rings on their fourth finger (named the ring finger for this reason) because it was believed by romantics centuries ago that the fourth finger contains an artery that runs directly to the heart. For these reason, most couples take great pleasure in and put tremendous effort into selecting the perfect wedding rings for them.

Searching For the Perfect Wedding Rings

Often, a couple will look for wedding rings which come in a pair. The man's ring will be wider and heavier while the woman's will be narrower and lighter, but they will share some design element which makes them an obviously matched set. While this is what many couples choose to do, there are other couples who feel that each person should choose their favorite ring to serve as their wedding band, and it is the act of presenting them as wedding rings which makes the ring significant.

Wedding rings are often simple bands in order to be compatible with other pieces of jewelry that will be changed from day to day. In the case of simple rings, it is often the engravings that the couple selects to go inside the rings which personalize them and make them most intimate. Two tone rings and designer bands can be more unique and make the statement of the couples' togetherness by more obviously matching.

It would be impossible to mention all the types of wedding rings that couples can find. It will probably take a lot of time and effort (much of which can be spent on the internet) to find the perfect rings. Luckily, that is effort that most couples will really enjoy making together.

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