Wedding Sets

Written by Christa Gatewood
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A great way to make sure your engagement ring and your wedding band look good when worn together is to buy a wedding ring set, also called a bridal set. Wedding ring sets come with an engagement ring and a wedding band that are designed to fit perfectly together. Sometimes when they are worn together, they look like one big ring.

Buying a Wedding Ring Set

In order to buy a wedding set, you have to make the decision before you get an engagement ring. If you are shopping for an engagement ring for a woman, you may want to think about buying a wedding set. She may not be able to find a matching wedding band if you just buy an engagement ring only.

Before choosing a set, you should gauge the tastes of your bride-to-be. If she wears a lot of ornate jewelry, you should probably get a wedding set that is more ornate with several diamonds, perhaps. If your girlfriend wears little jewelry or very simplistic jewelry, you should get a set with a more simple and classic design. Buying a wedding set can be a little risky if you aren't sure what your girlfriend will like.

These days more and more women are participating in choosing their engagement rings. Sometimes a woman will go ring shopping with her boyfriend before the proposal just to make sure she gets a ring she likes. If this is the case, you should consider the benefits of buying a wedding set. Buying a set can sometimes save you money. A set of rings is often less expensive than buying two rings separately. You also won't have to worry about looking for a wedding band that fits well with the engagement ring.

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