White Gold Byzantine Bracelet

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Fashionable White Gold Byzantine Bracelet

A white gold Byzantine bracelet has become quite fashionable in recent years, as the "colorless" sheen of platinum and white gold has made such jewelry increasingly popular. Yellow gold has a warm, sunshiny luster; white gold is cool and sophisticated. Unlike sterling silver, white gold jewelry does not tarnish and does not have to be cleaned to maintain its brilliance.

Gold in its pure, 24k form is very soft and malleable. In order to make it harder and less expensive, alloys are added. In the United States, 14k is the standard for jewelry; in Europe and elsewhere, 18k gold is preferred. A white gold Byzantine bracelet is a stunning combination of this cool color and the ornate design with an Oriental flavor.

Complementary Attire

When a mix of nickel, zinc, copper, tin, and manganese is added to yellow gold, the result is white gold. Many people prefer the look of metal and favor the more expensive look of white gold over silver. it would be hard to outdo a dazzling presentation consisting of a black dress and a white gold Byzantine necklace and white gold Byzantine bracelet.

White gold would pick up the same color in a black-and-silver outfit, and would be a gorgeous accent for blues, lavenders, and other cool colors. Some think of white gold as metallic, winter jewelry, but it also provides welcome cool tones to summer days. A white gold necklace around the neck might even make the day seem cooler!

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