White Gold Byzantine Necklace

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Cool White Gold Byzantine Necklace

A white gold Byzantine necklace is a stunning and sophisticated piece of jewelry. The woven tapestry of the design contrasts with the polished silver finish of the white gold for a sleek look. Urbane and modern, white gold Byzantine jewelry is the perfect complement to a black cocktail dress or a navy blue suit.

The metal sheen of white gold goes perfectly with cool colors--black, grey, blue, lavender--to produce a finished, pulled-together look. A narrow, white gold Byzantine necklace would be a wonderful touch of intricate weavings to go with a charcoal grey business suit. A black and grey pantsuit would be nicely set off by a fine necklace that adds just the right amount of ornate detail.

A Lot of Gold

White gold is alloyed with other metals to make it hard so it holds up better than soft yellow gold. For anyone who is at all active, yet loves to wear jewelry even with workout clothes, white gold jewelry is a great find. It is still a precious metal, but it will not scratch like 18k yellow gold, for instance.

A heavier white gold Byzantine necklace might well have 20 grams of gold in it. For those who track the gold grams in their jewelry, intricate Byzantine styles require much more gold wire than some plainer styles of jewelry. For a jewelry lover who owns a white gold necklace in this design, and, perhaps, bracelets, rings and earrings, the amount of gold in their jewelry box is impressive!

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