White Gold Heart Pendant

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Silken White Gold Heart Pendant

Any white gold heart pendant blends an eloquent expression of warmth with the cool look of silvery gold for an intriguing effect. A heart represents deep emotions expressed through jewelry, and the universal symbol for love conveys a potent message. On the other hand, a white gold heart pendant is a sleek piece of jewelry that is more urbane and reserved than its yellow gold counterpart.

Any white gold necklace has a silky surface that is reminiscent of silvery moonlight rather than the brash sunshine of the sun. This is exactly what admirers of white gold love about it--its subdued, sophisticated look. When fashioned into stylish designs, such as a heart pendant, white gold creates a stunning piece of jewelry suitable for day or evening wear.

Perfect Combination

Silver or white gold with cubic zirconia stones is a natural combination, for each complements the other. The white tones of the gold blend with the white, or colorless, tones of the cubic zirconia for a monochromatic effect that is very attractive. A white gold heart pendant outlined with round-cut Cz stones is a dazzling piece of jewelry as it catches the light.

Two-tone jewelry has been extremely popular in recent years, partly because it is more versatile in that it matches both yellow and white gold pieces of jewelry. It also can be worn with both warm and cool colors equally well. Two-tone heart pendants are often combined with cubic zirconia, but a most eye-catching design has tiny, two-tone hearts within a large heart outline.

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