White Gold Wedding Bands

Written by Kimberly Clark
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White gold is a very elegant and distinctive-looking metal alloy. For this very reason, a lot of people are opting to have their wedding rings made out of this elegant substance. This is a wise choice because in addition to looking good, white gold won't put a serious strain on your checkbook.

To get its indicative pale hue, pure gold is typically mixed with silver to turn it white. This process not only produces the desired color, it also makes the resulting metal alloy harder and tougher. In its natural state, gold is a very malleable substance; therefore it would not be suitable for crafting everyday jewelry, like wedding bands, without the addition of a substance like silver.

White Gold Preference

One of the main reasons people prefer white gold wedding bands is because they tend to look a bit like antiques. White gold also closely resembles another popular (but extremely more expensive) material: platinum. Still others like it simply because when you consider the sea of gold wedding bands out there, it will surely stand out in the crowd.

The majority of the people who decide to purchase a wedding band this year will more than likely decide to go with a traditional yellowish gold one. However, a select few will not. These individuals will go against the grain and choose instead to buy an elegant white gold wedding band.

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