Wholesale Sterling Silver Jewelry

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Wholesale Sterling Silver Jewelry Is a Top Value

Wholesale sterling silver jewelry is truly a bargain because the reduced prices put it in the "affordable quality jewelry" category. Pure silver is a rather delicate metal, as is gold, because it is so soft. Although it is used in its pure state, most often it is mixed with an alloy that hardens it so it is more practical for daily use.

Sterling silver is alloyed with copper; it is 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper. The higher the copper content, the harder the product; coin silver, which is handled many times, is 10% copper. Many people probably think silver tarnishes because it oxidizes, but it actually reacts with the hydrogen sulfide in the air.

The Preference of Many

Wholesale sterling silver jewelry has long been associated with the beautiful workmanship of Native Americans, who use it as a setting for their turquoise jewelry. The contrast between the near-white silver and the intense brightness of the turquoise is stunning. Although some find the cleaning of sterling silver jewelry to be a drawback, other wholesale sterling silver jewelry manufacturers "antique" the silver during production by darkening the grooves.

Many consumers prefer sterling silver for its clean, classic look that seems futuristic in a smooth necklace. In certain sleek designs, silver has a modern cast, even though it is one of the oldest metals worked by human beings. It is one of the most complimentary metals to go with white hair, or dark apparel, such as blue or black, or as the setting for a diamond ring.

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