Women's Ammolite Rings

Written by Kevin Little
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Women's Ammolite rings may be a bit more than you bargained for--in a good way! We all know about Ammolite's singular beauty, but did you know that Ammolite is also a central part of at least two different Eastern belief systems? Who knows what energies you'll be encouraging when wearing your ring?

The first Eastern belief we'll consider is the legend of the Kirin. In Eastern culture, the Ammolite is called the Kirin Stone, due to its connection to the legend of the Kirin. The Kirin, a deer like creature, possessed the scales of the dragon, which were colored in almost the same way as the Ammolite.

Women's Ammolite Rings: Extra Energy

If multi-hued dragon scales aren't enough for you, then how about Feng Shui? Feng Shui adherents call the Ammolite the Seven Color Prosperity Stone, for the range of different powers it is said to possess. The different colors, both individually and in combination, encourage harmony in both people and the spaces they inhabit.

No matter what qualities you believe the stone to have, you can't argue with the breathtaking beauty of it. Women's Ammolite rings are unique and exceedingly beautiful. And they just might give you a little boost!

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