World Class Jewelry

Written by Serena Berger
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What makes world class jewelry? Obviously, personal taste cannot be underestimated as a determining factor, but there are some objective standards, as well. The quality of the materials used is paramount, and can be the sole determining factor in cases of simple pieces that feature a perfectly cut stone in a simple band, but with more intricate pieces, the philosophy of the designer combined with vision and context combine to make truly world class jewelry.

While in most cases you'll be looking at gold, white gold, and platinum of various weights, some internationally renowned jewelry is made of steel, silver, enamel, or even fabric. If you consider watches in the same category as jewelry, that opens up an even broader range of possibilities in something like Chopard's Happy Diamonds collections, which pairs exquisite diamonds with rubber and plastic in playful and innovative pieces. Charriol USA combines black cords with fine diamond in uniquely sophisticated yet sporty pieces.

World Class Jewelry as a Gift

When some people give jewelry as a gift, they wouldn't even consider giving a piece that didn't come from a famous designer or retailer. On some level, they're paying for the assurance of quality, but on another, they're paying for the cache that comes with buying a piece from a venerated tradition. You know that if your husband wears an Omega watch to work, others will know that he's wearing the best. If you give your bride an engagement ring from Tacori, her friends will know that you made that extra effort to get her something world class.

Just because something is world class jewelry doesn't mean you have to like it, though. It can be easy to be manipulated by the media, salespeople, or even people you know into thinking that you're supposed to want something or supposed to think it's beautiful, but in the end, if you're looking for a piece to treasure and even pass down to future generations, you should never let anything trump your own taste. Whether you want a delicate ring with a flower made of rubies set in 14 karat yellow gold or a Corum Rocket watch, you can find jewelry that's world class and fits both your budget and your style.

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