Yellow Gold Byzantine Necklace

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Buttery Yellow Gold Byzantine Necklace

Any yellow gold Byzantine necklace will be one of the fancier pieces in a jewelry lover's jewelry box. Whether narrow or wide, the woven gold that is characteristic of this internationally-famous design is endlessly intertwined for a distinctive texture. Renowned for its elegance, Byzantine jewelry dazzles the second the jewelry box is opened.

This piece--a yellow gold Byzantine necklace--is the one that first catches the eye, even when it is among many pieces of fine jewelry. Named for the Byzantine Empire that remained in power for over a thousand years, ending in 1453 AD, this jewelry reflects the flavor of this ancient culture. A mix of Greek, Roman, and Asian influences, Byzantine art and architecture came to be known for its unique style, which is still the hallmark of Byzantine jewelry today.

A Magnificent Gift

Anyone, young or old, would be stunned to receive such a special gift as a yellow gold Byzantine necklace. Special occasions call for special thoughtfulness in giving gifts, but affordable quality jewelry makes it possible to give extraordinary gifts "just because." As anyone who has received such a present can tell you, these surprises often mean the most and are the most cherished.

Certainly, the beauty of a 14k gold Byzantine necklace is unrivaled for the quality of its design. There are many versions of this style, some more intricate than others. The characteristic woven gold wire, however, is what distinguishes this classic jewelry from all other jewelry.

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