California Firefighter T-shirts

Written by Will Baum
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California firefighter T-shirts are a great way to show your respect and admiration for the California firefighters who risk life and limb on a regular basis to keep California from turning into a pile of ash. California firefighter T-shirts are a way to say thanks for all the death-defying effort made by California firefighter during the never-ending cycle of wildfires. The Internet is a great place to find the California firefighter T-shirts that you're looking for. They're just a click away.

California Firefighter T-shirts and Wildfires

In 2003, wildfires consumed enormous amounts of Southern California, killing 14 people and sending thousands to shelters while firefighters battled the blaze. Smoke could be seen over the Southland for miles. The sun turned bright red through the smoke. It some places, it looked as if a volcano had exploded and that Los Angeles was at the foot of a new Mount St. Helens.

Three hundred thousand acres from Simi Valley to San Bernardino to San Diego were aflame. Firefighters were spread thin as hot and dry conditions made their work all the more difficult. The Governor declared a state of emergency, activating the National Guard to assist with disaster relief. The President declared four counties federal disaster areas.

One hundred and thirty-five engines from outside the area, from as far as Arizona and Nevada, came to assist the battle. Over 8,000 firefighters joined in fighting more than 10 simultaneous fires. Working tirelessly, firefighters finally got the fire under control. Without their efforts, what would have become of Southern California?

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