Chicago Firefighter Duty Shirts

Written by Will Baum
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Chicago firefighter duty shirts bear a bold intertwined "CFD" logo that rivals any logo in major league baseball. Chicago Fire Department garb is a great way to pay tribute to the firefighters who routinely risk life and limb to keep the city and country from going up in flames. In this case, it is also an extremely stylish choice.

Chicago Firefighter Duty Shirts and Mrs. O'Leary

If you're going to wear Chicago firefighter duty shirts, you might want to be able to talk about the great Chicago fire. People are going to bring it up. It was a hot and dry October Sunday in 1871. Nine o'clock had just passed. In the barn behind Patrick and Catherine O'Leary's DeKoven Street home, a fire began. No one is certain how the fire started.

Anyone who knows the camp song knows who got the blame: "One dark night when we were all in bed, Mrs. O'Leary left the lantern in the shed; the cow kicked it over and winked her eyes and said, 'There'll be a hot time in the old town, tonight.'" Exhausted from battling a large fire the previous day, firefighters were sent to the wrong block. Once they got to the O'Leary's, the fire was out of control. The blaze spread wildly, taking wooden houses, commercial buildings, and old mansions with it. Finally, rain helped douse the fire two days later. 300 people were dead. Property destroyed tallied at $200 million.

Chicago was never the same. The heart of the city had been devastated. New fire regulations and procedures were enacted, and new building began. The Internet is a great place to find Chicago firefighter duty shirts and pay tribute to the Windy City's firefighting brave.

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