Firefighter Bags

Written by Will Baum
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Firefighter bags are a great, durable item whether you're a firefighter or just a civilian. Bags made for firefighters are necessarily tough, easy to get in and out of, with top-of-the-line materials and design. People use firefighter bags in a variety of ways--for camping, for business, or as diaper bags. Anything that needs holding, a top-quality firefighter bag will do the job.

Old Time Firefighter Bags

Bags made for firefighters by companies like First In Products are relatively new innovations. Waterproofing and real toughness--things we take for granted even in a cheap duffel bag--came to us in recent years. Back in the day, firefighters made due with canvas, with burlap, or worse.

In the 18th century, fire codes had not yet been developed. Houses were built of wood, and they had open fires for cooking and heat. Fires spread quickly and easily again and again. Boston, struck too many times by devastating fires, formed some of the first fire fighting companies in the U.S. In Philadelphia, Benjamin Franklin promoted the idea of firefighting clubs based on the Boston model.

In 1736, Franklin put together the Union Fire Company. The 25 members agreed to help each other in the event of fire. Non-members were not included in the club's protection. Members provided two buckets for water and an unspecified number of cloth bags for hauling items out of a burning house or business. Cloth bags? They didn't have the Internet to help them find high-tech firefighter bags. They didn't have a choice.

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