Firefighter Golf Club Covers

Written by Will Baum
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Firefighter golf club covers allow you or a golfer in your life to proudly display his or her profession or salute those who fight the nation's fires. Firefighter golf club covers keep your clubs warm and clean beneath the visage of a classic-looking firefighter in a classic-looking firefighter's hat. Conventional club cover users will look on in envy.

Firefighter Golf Club Covers Add Sparks To The Links

It may be useful to be identified as a firefighter when on the links. Though it seems improbable, even golf courses catch on fire once in a while. In 2003, a fire broke out on a landscaped island in the middle of a golf course. The Tahquitz Creek Golf Course fire caused upwards of $20,000 in damage, mostly to palm trees and other vegetation. Arson was suspected.

In 2004, $70,000 in damage was caused at the Claremont Lakeway Golf Course. Workmen are said to have left weeds smouldering, and a few hours later, a major blaze was raging. The fire destroyed a shed and some turf-keeping machinery, but firefighters managed to stop it before it reached a fuel storage building.

These fires may sound minor, but these days, people have come to realize just how intense the risks are that firefighters take with regularity. Fire department T-shirts and baseball caps have become a simple way of honoring firefighters' efforts, showing gratitude and support. People are wearing them nationwide. If you are a firefighter, maybe you don't want to wear a firefighting logo while you're on R&R. Firefighter golf club covers may be just the thing for you.

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