Firefighter Hats And Caps

Written by Will Baum
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Firefighter hats and caps are a terrific way to show your appreciation and support for the men and women who keep our towns and cities from going down in flames. Keep the sun out of your eyes while showing your respect for the brave souls who risk life and limb battling blazes every working day of their lives. With a firefighter hat or cap you'll be making two statements--a personal statement of respect and a fashion statement.

Firefighter Hats and Caps and the History of FDNY

The most popular firefighter hats and caps nationwide bear the seal of the New York City Fire Department (FDNY). The recent history of the department is well known. The department's origins are not common knowledge.

It was 1648 when New York saw its first organized fire fighting. In the Dutch Settlement of New Amsterdam, a fire ordinance was adopted which levied fines for chimneys that weren't cleaned and developed a fund to maintain hooks, ladders, and buckets. A fire watch was established. Like jury duty today, every male citizen of New Amsterdam was expected to stand his turn. In 1664, the British moved in and renamed the colony New York. Bucket brigades using leather buckets were all that guarded the city for several decades.

Finally, in 1731, hand-drawn pumps were brought in from London and Engine Companies One and Two were formed. All citizens who were able were expected to assist with fire fighting. The volunteer fire department continued till after the Civil War in 1865, when a paid department was at last created. Wear firefighter hats and caps with the FDNY logo on them and impress strangers with your new, obscure knowledge.

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