Firefighter Posters

Written by Will Baum
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Firefighter posters range from the somber to the sentimental and all the way to racy. After 9/11 people across the country and around the world looked for ways to honor the firefighters who fought and lost their lives. Some started wearing FDNY baseball caps and shirts. Others collected badges and statues minted to honor the day. Still others simply flew American flags. For many, hanging firefighter posters serves as a constant reminder of the lessons of that day.

Firefighter Posters As Remembrance

One of the most famous images to emerge from the chaos that followed 9/11 is of firefighters raising an American flag at Ground Zero. In the middle of the smoking grey rubble, they raised a flag high, recalling for many the soldiers who hoisted a flag after taking Iwo Jima during World War Two.

Another extremely powerful image, titled "Walk of Courage," shows a group of firefighters, loaded up in full gear with oxygen tanks, heading into the grey haze that was Ground Zero on 9/11. People stand dazed along the side of the narrow, downtown street. We see only the firefighters' backs as they head into what anyone else would surely be running from.

Celebrating the fire department can also be lighthearted. There are calendars and beefcake posters featuring men of the fire department in various states of undress. This may not be everybody's idea of a good time, but enough people go for these items to make them extremely popular. The Internet is a great place to find all kinds of firefighter posters. They are just a click away.

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