Hazmat T-shirts

Written by Will Baum
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Hazmat T-shirts honor the men and women who take risks most of us would wake up from a sweat just dreaming about. Hazardous Materials handling and containment is one of the most frightening and crucial roles in the emergency services business. We face all manner of unknown threats. Hazmat crews are on the front line of homeland security.

Hazmat workers are trained thoroughly to handle a wide array of equipment in a huge variety of situations. A typical Hazmat training course will offer programs like Industrial Emergency Response, Confined Space Rescue, Terrorism Awareness, and Incident Management. Training includes thorough instruction about handling personal protective equipment, monitoring, and safety.

Fire Departments across the country have started sending members to Hazmat training. An 80-hour training course in not unusual. In New York City, over 700 firefighters have gone through the training since September 11, 2001. Where the city used to have only 430 trained Hazmat experts, now it has more than 1,100.

Hazmat T-shirts Say Thanks

If there is gas in a subway car or a suspicious box in an airport, most people choose to turn and head away from it. Hazmat professionals do the opposite, and enter the eye of the storm. Wearing Hazmat T-shirts is one small way to say thank you to the folk who risk their lives so the rest of us won't lose ours. The Internet is a terrific place to track down Hazmat T-shirts to fit your needs.

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