Los Angeles County Fire Department Sweats

Written by Will Baum
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Los Angeles County Fire Department sweats are a great keep-warm item for firefighters and laypeople alike. In recent years, the New York City Fire Department has gotten a lot of deserved attention. The Los Angeles Fire Department shouldn't go uncelebrated. Los Angeles County Fire Department sweats are a great way to show respect and support.

Los Angeles County Fire Department Sweats and The Beginning of the LAFD

Before 1871, if you had a fire in Los Angeles and it got put out, it was most likely done by a volunteer fire brigade. The brigade operated with the help of assistants and water buckets. In September of 1871 the earliest Los Angeles Fire Department came into being.

County Clerk George M. Fall was elected foreman. Engine Company Number One was made up of volunteers including mainly property owners and storekeepers, operating with very little equipment or experience. More members were added in 1874, bringing the total membership of Engine Company Number One up to a not-so-whopping 38. 1875 saw the birth of Engine Company Number Two, known as the "Confidence Engine Company." A hook-and-ladder was soon added to the equipment. It didn't work properly. In 1876, a fully functional hook and ladder truck was brought in. The LAFD was on its way.

It was many years before the Los Angeles Fire Department became a paid force. Over the years, the department expanded to meet the needs of the growing city. Today, the LAFD serves an enormous population, often fighting difficult fires in the hills that threaten homes in the hillside city. They work hard. Wearing Los Angeles County Fire Department sweats is one simple way to show your appreciation.

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