Baby Shower Flower Arrangements

Written by Charles Peacock
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Baby shower flower arrangements make a fantastic gift for friends or family members who are expecting a new addition to their family. Even if you're not in charge of arranging the shower, bringing along a flower arrangement (or having one delivered) can be a great way of helping the lucky couple celebrate their new baby. Many florists even offer special baby shower flower arrangements that are designed for the occasion.

Choosing Baby Shower Flower Arrangements

If you're in a hurry, you can always ask a florist to create a pre-designed baby shower floral arrangement for you. But if you want to give a personalized gift, a neat way to do it is to pick flowers based on the gender of the baby, and the month in which it is going to be born. Blue and pink flowers are the obvious choices for boys and girls (respectively), so let's take a look at the flower choices for each month.

White carnations (representing pure love) are the choice for January babies, while violets are the flower for February. Buy daffodils for March-- they represent sympathy and returned affection. Sweet peas are for April, lilies of the valley are for May, and roses are for babies born in June.

For July babies, look for baby shower flower arrangements with larkspur (if you can find it). Gladiolas are for August, aster is for September, and marigolds are for October babies (believe it or not, marigolds represent "cruelty and grief," so don't feel bad if you can't find any). Finishing off the year are chrysanthemums for November babies, and paper white flowers for babies born in December.

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