Easel Sprays

Written by Charles Peacock
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Easel sprays are a beautiful way to send your sympathies when a loved one has passed. Professional florists create easel sprays filled with flowers that help everyone celebrate life at a time when we might otherwise be overtaken by sadness. These flower arrangements are made in all shapes and sizes, and appeal to people of any nationality or religious denomination.

Varieties of Easel Sprays

The most common type of easel spray is a collection of greens, accented with roses or other sympathy flowers. These can be found in either a wreath shape or a cascading spray shape. In either case, these traditional easel flower displays are appropriate for funerals or private memorial ceremonies.

Easel sprays are also available in themed shapes, if a specific type of memorial is desired. For instance, one can purchase an easel flower arrangement in the shape of a cross for a Christian funeral ceremony. Alternatively, you can find easel arrangements with a patriotic theme for memorial services of those who have served in the military.

If you're shopping with a good florist, you will find that an easel is included in the price of each of these flower arrangements. This way, you can have an easel spray delivered directly to the funeral home or service. You won't need to be there at the moment it is delivered in order to make sure that it is set up properly.

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