Ftd Florists

Written by Charles Peacock
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FTD florists are part of a network that proudly dubs itself "the world's largest floral services organization." Founded in 1910, FTD was originally known as "Florists' Telegraph Delivery" and was made up of fifteen independent florists who signed an agreement to handle each other's out-of-town flower deliveries. The organization has grown quite a bit since then, now encompassing 50,000 florists in 154 countries.

How FTD Florists Work

FTD Florists have for years used a proprietary electronic communications system to exchange orders and information. In many ways their system was a precursor to the e-commerce websites popular today. "The Mercury Network," as it is known, allows affiliated florists to handle orders for each other when the deliveries are out of their local range.

When you place an order with an FTD florist, they may handle the order themselves if you are within their delivery area. However, if you're asking to have the flowers delivered to another state (or even another country), they will search their online database of FTD florists to find the closest affiliate to the delivery recipient.

The original florist then transmits your order over their network to the other florist. The second florist will fill the order (quality is maintained through strict FTD guidelines) and will take care of the delivery themselves. Using this arrangement, FTD boasts the ability to deliver same day flower orders to almost 100 percent of the population of the United States of America.

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