Get Well Plants

Written by Charles Peacock
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Get well plants can be a perfect way to send love and cheer to a friend or relative who has fallen ill. Hospital rooms are generally rather drab places, and can always use an extra bouquet or flower arrangement to spruce things up. If you're thoughtful enough to be looking for get well plants, you're doing a good thing.

Choosing Get Well Plants

You can accomplish lots of different things by sending get well plants. First and foremost, you can cheer up the sick person by showing them that you care and that you're thinking about them. But when you're picking out which plants or flowers to send, you should put some thought and care into what you're sending.

Plants in general are a wonderful gift for someone who has fallen ill. They represent life, and can be an inspiration to someone struggling with disease or illness. Depending on the person's illness, however, you might want to take special care in deciding which color plants or flowers you're going to send.

Green plants are always a good idea, since the color can be very simple and soothing. For someone who needs cheering up (an athlete with a broken leg, for example), yellow flowers will do the trick. They remind us of spring and sunshine, and will get that person focused on their recovery. For those with more serious illnesses, yellow or purple flowers are also a good idea. Try to avoid sending red flowers to those with cancer, however, as I was advised by a friend of mine who gives lectures on color.

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