Long Stem Roses

Written by Jill Morrison
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Long stem roses express love and devotion. They can be given for any type of occasion, but are most commonly used for anniversaries, Valentine's Day, and "just because." Roses with a long stem must be placed in a tall vase so they will remain upright when displayed. You can also give your special someone a standard bouquet of roses or one single long stem rose at any time.

Types of Long Stem Roses

Long stem roses are very elegant and beautiful. They will bring happiness to anyone who receives them. You can choose any quantity or color of roses that you would like for a bouquet. You can choose from red roses, burgundy, deep red, pink, yellow, or white roses. Rose colors are not usually mixed unless you are using red and white roses.

Each color of rose has a different meaning. A standard red rose signifies love and a deep red rose reflects bashful love. Burgundy roses show unconscious love and pink roses reflect perfect happiness. Though yellow roses reflect a decrease of love or jealousy, many use them to show happiness as well; since yellow is such a bright and happy color.

White long stem roses show worthiness and may also reflect innocence or purity. For this reason, they are commonly used in weddings. White and red roses mixed together makes a beautiful bouquet. The combination of the meanings, worthiness and love, reflects a strong unity as a couple. That said, a combination of red and white roses should be used for special occasions such as weddings or anniversaries.

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