Thank You Flowers

Written by Charles Peacock
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Thank you flowers aren't as common as they should be. Of course I'm a big flower fanatic, and if I could I'd send flowers for everything: "Happy Tuesday!" flowers, "Congratulations on Getting to Work on Time!" flowers, even "Better Luck Next Time" flowers. Okay, so maybe those are a bit silly. But sending flowers as a way of thanking someone is a great idea, and I would urge everybody to do it more often.

When to Send Thank You Flowers

There are obvious times to send thank you flowers: when someone watches your kids for a weekend, when an employee has done a particularly good job at work, or when someone helps you with a difficult task. But thank you flowers aren't only for obvious, big events. They can be a lovely and subtle way just to let a loved one know that you appreciate her, and that you're thinking about her.

For instance, maybe you have a friend who has been really great at helping you out when you're in need: finding a job, getting reservations at the hip restaurants, shopping for a car. Invaluable people like this are good because they want to be good, but that doesn't mean they shouldn't be rewarded. Send them thank you flowers! Even better, send the "Thank You" out of the blue. Thank them for years of a job well done.

There are also mandatory times for thank you flowers: particularly when someone makes a big sacrifice to help you out. If you're stranded in an emergency situation and receive help from a stranger, make sure to get their name and address so you can thank them later. Even if it's something as simple as helping you change a tire, your gesture will be deeply appreciated and will make that person feel like they've done some good in the world.

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