Tree Peonies Wholesale

Written by Shirley Parker
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Buying tree peonies wholesale is definitely possible. The same kind of research of wholesalers is required as if the serious gardener or the retail nursery were purchasing herbaceous peonies. References by word of mouth carry a lot of weight, but it is also important to visit websites whenever possible and get a sense of what is offered and what the wholesaler's various policies are toward the customer.

The Internet sites you browse for tree peonies wholesale should be searchable, for ease of finding specific tree peonies. Sample pictures and details about some of the stock are usually shown online, while a paper catalog is still sometimes available for the asking, or for a fee. This may list the entire line carried by the wholesaler.

American, European and Japanese varieties are available as tree peonies wholesale purchases from various large nurseries around the world. Since the tree peony or mudan originated in China, yearly festivals are held to celebrate its unique position in Chinese life. Many overseas visitors arrive at other times, eager to visit the peony fairs and nurseries. The Chinese government has specific rules for exporting healthy peony roots, as other governments have regulations for importing them.

Retail Outlets for Tree Peonies Wholesale

With the ongoing resurgence of the popularity of this unique shrub, retail outlets will be ordering from the wholesalers on a regular basis. If you select an overseas business, make sure they have EEU or USA certification, as the case may be, so they can meet your government's requirements and fill your order. Some wholesalers will only sell tree peonies face-to-face, or by phone or fax order. They choose not to get involved in mail order.

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