Bar Mitzvah Invitations

Written by Brooke Marlette
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One of the biggest milestones in the Jewish faith is the Bar Mitzvah. Bar Mitzvah literally means "son of the commandment" in Aramaic. It is a term that refers the time when a Jewish boy turns 13 and must begin obeying the commandments of the faith. For a girl, the term is Bat Mitzvah. Up until this age, children are not required to follow the commandments of the faith, although it is encouraged.

Once the child turns 13, he gets a Bar Mitzvah. The traditional ceremony that goes along with this is not a requirement of Judaism, but is quite popular. It is usually a very important occasion celebrated by a large party full of dancing, gifts and religious recitations. The people in attendance are usually family, friends, important figures in the Temple and school friends of the child.

Sending Invitations

On occasions as important as these, you will want to send out formal invitations. It is also traditional for guests to bring gifts. Most people will be aware of this. On your invitation, you will want to include all the basics such as when, where, who it's for and an R.S.V.P. phone number. If you like, you can get your Bar Mitzvah invitations made with a certain quote or line from the Torah to represent the upcoming event.

Ordering your invitations online can be quite a convenience. You don't have to leave the house or wait in long lines. You can take your time looking at all the options available to you. When looking at sites, look for ones that have customer service phone numbers, not just email addresses.

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