Birth Announcements

Written by Liza Hartung
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The birth of a child is perhaps the most miraculous thing that can happen in the life of a human being. It is something to be celebrated. Once out of the initial rush, you will want to tell everyone. You will want to scream it from the mountaintops. However, you might not live near any mountains. Even if you do live near some, you might not want to climb them merely to scream.

All joking aside, perhaps the best way to inform everyone of the birth of your new child (and provide a picture if you so choose) is to send birth announcements. This is quite a popular practice in America. People will send these with either first pictures of the baby, pictures including the parents or little first footprints. You don't have to include a picture, but you will need to include some personal information.

What to Put on Your Card

You will want to tell everyone if you had a boy or a girl. You can do this very simply by using pink or blue paper for your announcements, but you don't have to. The main pieces of information you will want to have are the baby's name, when he or she was born and his or her birth weight. If you like, you can include time of birth and/or length.

For quick and easy birth announcements, I suggest using the Internet. You will get to select from a variety of styles. If you want to have a photo on yours, you have two main options. Some sites allow you to upload a photo and they will print it on your cards. Other sites will send you the card all ready to go. You just have to attach the photos yourself. With these cards, there will likely be pre-cut corners that your photo will fit into.

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